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Gardy Cadet Profile

Gardy Cadet


Dr. Cadet received his doctorate degree in Nuclear Chemistry and Engineering from CUNY in 1987 and joined AT&T Bell Laboratories that same year as a postdoctoral member of Plasma Research Laboratory. During his first year, Cadet developed key technologies that became integral parts of high-speed computing systems. He led Bell Labs to win the prestigious RD-100 award for developing one of 100 most important scientific contributions in the US. His research at Bell labs span over 14 years and his accomplishments during those years are innumerable. Bell Laboratories awarded Dr. Cadet the status of Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) in 1997 for his pioneering work in the field of process chemistry and control technology. He was named Black Engineer of the Year by US Black Engineer magazine in 1998. In 1999 Bell labs president presented him with the “Lucent Heroes Award” for his continued research if support of the environment.

Dr. Cadet joined Access Optical Networks Inc. (AON) as Director of optical engineering where he led a group of engineers at Princeton University towards the development of the first holographic data storage system. Dr. Cadet led an investigation of novel optoelectronic devices for power electronics, sensors, and communication. He has published worldwide and presented at several institutions in the United States and Europe.

He authored two book chapters in Acoustic and Fiber Optics.

Research and Professional Experience

Retired Member of Technical Staff – Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories
2007-2011 Visiting Research Scientist, Princeton University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton N.J.
2003-2010 Director of Optical Engineering, Access Optical Networks, Manalapan, New Jersey
2000–2010 Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Advanced Photonics Research Laboratories, Holmdel-NJ
1997-2001 Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) AT&T Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill New Jersey
1989–1997 Member of Technical Staff (MTS) – AT&T Bell Laboratories
1987-1989 Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Representative Patents

US Pat. No. 6,732,545 “Silica Structure Crack Monitoring;”

US Pat. No. 5,948,967 “Acoustic analysis of gas mixtures;”

US Pat. No. 5,625,140 “Acoustic Analysis of Gas Mixtures;”

US Pat. No. 5,877,407 “Plasma Etch End Point Detection Process.”


Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry and Engineer, 1987, CUNY State University of New York.
M. Phil Chemistry Brooklyn College, 1983, CUNY State University of New York.