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1: IP Breakfast- Copyrights with Attorneys Albert Decady and Emmanuel Coffy

Learn the basics of copyright— what can be copyrighted , what cannot, fair use and more

3: IP Breakfast: steps involved in getting a Trademark with Attorneys Albert DeCady and Emmanuel Coffy

Learn what is involved in the process from start to finish and what to consider after your trademark is registered.

2: IP Breakfast— Attorneys Decady, Coffy and Vanel—Different types of Trademarks — Redskins and 3M

You will learn about: Trade Dress, collective Mark’s, certification Mark’s, the principal register vs. supplemental register— we also discussed social...

1: IP Breakfast—intro to Trademark

Learn about the basic of trademark

7: IP Breakfast—-international patents what to consider

Should you consider filing for a patent in more than one country— what are the paths to do so? Why...

As bankruptcies threaten energy sector more companies may eye patent monetisation opportunities

A slump in oil prices and less energy consumption during the covid pandemic mean sector is facing up to tough market conditions and seeking new...


NOTICE OF FINAL AMENDMENTS TO THE FEDERAL CIRCUIT RULES OF PRACTICEPursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2071(b), the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal...

The Consumer is King: High Court Sides with Booking.com, Rejecting Per Se Test for Generic.Com Trademarks

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with Booking.com, ruling that a generic term paired with .com “is a generic name for a class of goods...

Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy: The IP Value Proposition that Startups Should Not Overlook During Financial Distress

The international economic disruption caused by COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges. Thriving tech startup companies worth millions in January might find themselves struggling to stay afloat...