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Inventor in Residence

CoffyLaw, LLC July 20, 2020

Inventor In Residence – Darrell Fertakos is an internationally recognized award winning product developer, intellectual property creator in over 35 industries, serial entrepreneur and named a prolific inventor by The Discovery Channel and Modern Marvel out of 4,200 by The History Channel for his ability to invent game changing innovations, winning products and his unique ability to devise award winning creative solutions to problems.

With training in new product development from Hall of Fame PH.D. Inventor professor in college Dr. Phillip Anderson, named NJ Inventor of Year with over 100 patents inspired Darrell to continue his passion for inventing after joining an inventor club and enrolling in Invention for Scientists and Managers senior level class back in college. Mr. Fertakos went on to research invention history from prehistoric times to current era, including researching Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein papers, in addition to life stories of many famous inventors in history to learn more about how successful invention and innovation emerged in history.

Mr. Fertakos also received academic scholarship out of 2,300 competing worldwide for his Innovation, History and Economic Research at George Mason University affiliated Think Tank-The Institute for Humane Studies and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC, History and Discovery Channel, Record News, Herald News, Wayne Today,, History.Com, for his talents as an entrepreneur and publicist helping startups and companies grow. In the past, Darrell helped inventors to become top sellers on QVC, on TV and in retail to produce millions in sales results and business was named one of the most innovative in NJ by NJ tech council, after awards won in college, graduate school and in the business world inventing and helping companies to invent winning products. As an advocate, Darrell also petitioned the patent office to lower fees to help inventors, met with VP of USA Joe Biden to recommend new innovation policies to help inventors and created plus filed 100’s of provisional patent applications on product concepts in over 30 industries. Often, Darrell was seeing and inventing the future prior to others by winning awards inventing mobile payment apps, prior to app store coming out, winning invention awards by inventing wearables prior to their popularity and so much more. His passion is helping startups, fortune 500’s and inventors succeed in a challenging industry filled with great companies and industry scams, which is why congress passed The 1999 American Inventor Protection Act. Darrell is now working with as an advisor to firm and to new inventors.