John J. Delatush

Technical Advisor, Mechanical Engineer

As a production engineer for the US Army CECOM, John Delatush was responsible for production data packages, Engineering Change Proposal evaluation and implementation, production schedules and in-service engineering issues on antennas, antenna masts, and communication equipment assemblages.

Prior to that, John served as a systems engineer Naval Systems Command (NWHC) where he oversaw and implemented underwater mines packaging, handling, shipping, and transportation products and procedures. As a design engineer for Naval Systems Command, he designed handling and shipping equipment for Naval Ordnance (of all types) from initial concept to finished production drawings and an MK 51 bomb carrier, which was used to handle and load bombs and rockets onto Navy aircraft and the Adjustable Container Bulkhead for ISO containers.


  1. US Patent No. 4,334,812, Adjustable Container Bulkhead, 1982; and
  2. co-inventor of US Patent No. 8,585,092  Low Friction Apparatus (2013).


  • BSME Lafayette College, 1970. ¬†Assorted Navy and Army Technical Courses.