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Business Law Litigation

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Starting a business is a challenge in itself, and running it successfully is its own separate feat. Growing a business comes with a great deal of roadblocks that could threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. When legal obstacles are standing between your company and its success, discover how a team of business law attorneys can help.

Since the establishment of COFFYLAW, LLC, we have remained committed to meeting our business clients’ needs. With over 90 years of combined experience, our attorneys are prepared to help you and your business seek success. For experienced legal counsel in Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or the greater New York City area, contact us today.

Business Law Issues We Handle

Issues involving business law can be complex. Our team has spent decades learning its ins and outs, giving us the skills to advise clients facing a variety of problems. At COFFYLAW, LLC, we provide comprehensive legal representation to clients in a wide range of factors, including:

  • Entity selection
  • Formation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Business-to-business (B2B) solutions, such as portal websites
  • Litigation

Our goal is to collaborate with you in order to put you and your business on a path toward your goals. If you’re in need of creative solutions to your business challenges, schedule a consultation with us today.

Aggressive Advocacy During Your Business Litigation Case

Litigation isn’t something that any business looks forward to, but sometimes legal intervention is necessary to enforce a company’s rights. During these situations, small and large businesses alike need not only effective advocacy but also honest advice from an attorney who understands their particular needs and cost concerns.

At COFFYLAW, LLC, we serve clients as large as Fortune 500 companies and as small as solo startups from our New Jersey offices in Clifton and Maplewood, as well as from our Brooklyn, New York, location. With more than nine decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys know how to handle sophisticated matters such as complex contract claims and intellectual property litigation in a manner that presses for a positive outcome while averting unnecessary costs.


Types of Litigation Actions

Our firm is a recognized leader in business litigation and has a strong track record in state and federal courts. We handle various types of actions, including cases relating to:

  • Breaches of contract. When a dispute arises from a business or commercial agreement, our knowledgeable lawyers are able to give you a thorough analysis of each side’s rights and duties. From there, we’re prepared to seek appropriate relief under the terms of the contract or through the civil justice system.
  • Business torts. In cases involving fraud, interference with contractual or business relationships, or other tort allegations, our firm may conduct a detailed investigation to determine if the requisite elements exist. After you receive a complete evaluation of liability and damages issues, you can make an informed choice about how to proceed.
  • Antitrust and trade regulation actionsAntitrust laws and other provisions governing trade practices can be confusing and even contradictory. Because we provide personalized attention, we’ll help you see how these rules apply to your situation.

As attorneys dedicated to collaborating with the companies we represent, we’ll outline how skillful negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods can help you accomplish your goals while preserving your resources.

Why Work with Us?

With an extensive background in patenttrademark, and copyright law, our attorneys give clients an edge in all types of intellectual property litigation. Whether you’re filing for relief because your rights have been violated or you’ve been accused of an unlawful infringement, we’re prepared to develop a sound strategy on your behalf. In all types of claims, we’ve helped major corporations and individual inventors achieve their objectives.

If you need knowledgeable legal guidance for your business, schedule an appointment with us today. Our attorneys are prepared to advise you no matter where you’re located. Contact us if you live in Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or the New York City metro.


COFFYLAW, LLC advocates for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania businesses in numerous types of business law issues, including contract disputes and tort actions. Start fighting for results today. Contact us to make an appointment at one of our three locations. We have offices in Maplewood and Clifton, New Jersey, as well as Brooklyn, New York.