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Our Accomplished Intellectual Property Lawyers Serve Clients Nationwide

Established Firm Helps Clients Protect the Value of Their Creations

Your technical innovations, creative ideas, and business methods are all your intellectual property (IP). With the rapid progression of technology, including the internet, nanotechnology, and quantum computing, there are unprecedented challenges for individuals who seek to establish and defend their IP rights. From offices in Maplewood and Freehold, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York, CoffyLaw, LLC uses an accomplished team of attorneys, ex-patent examiners, engineers, and other professionals to help businesses and individuals in Newark and beyond maximize the value of their creations. Our lawyers draw on more than 80 years of combined experience handling patent, trademark, and copyright issues. Whether you’re looking for a qualified assessment of a company’s IP portfolio or are engaged in a high-stakes conflict over a trade secret, we’ll deliver comprehensive counsel in pursuit of a favorable result.

New York-Area Attorneys Assist with Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Matters

Drawing on years of experience in national and regional IP law firms where we’ve represented clients including Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses, and sole entrepreneurs, we are positioned to strategically stay on top of the laws relating to:

  • Patents — Our firm handles a full array of patent matters, including application preparation and prosecution, reexamination proceedings, infringement analysis, and disputes. Since our founding, we’ve secured more than 1,000 patents for clients. In addition to assisting domestic patent concerns, we also perform foreign filing and prosecution of patents for our U.S. clients.

  • Copyrights — Writers, musicians, and other creators should protect their original works by taking the proper legal steps to prevent someone from reaping the benefits and rewards of their talent and effort. We register copyrights, analyze whether a given work is eligible for protection, and litigate infringement actions. If the need arises, our lawyers also advise on rights acquisition, licensing, and copyright clearance.

  • Trademarks — Establishing a brand is an important part of commercial success. We prepare trademark and service mark applications and provide counsel on clearance and infringement issues to protect what is uniquely yours. Whether you need to enforce your rights following registration or are engaged in a cancellation proceeding, our firm offers comprehensive support.

No matter how complex or contentious the circumstances might be, we have the ability and drive to seek to protect your work and prevent others from misappropriating what you have accomplished.

Knowledgeable Advocates Work to Safeguard Trade Secrets

Building a successful operation can take years, but with the rapid transfer of information that is available today, you can lose your advantage in an instant. By using the legal protection afforded to patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary information, our intellectual property attorneys can help you maintain your trade secrets. We are particularly well versed in software and website development agreements to help you guard against the online exposure of your confidential content.

Legal Advisers Handle E-Commerce and Internet Domain Name Disputes

Registering a suitable domain name, establishing a social media presence, and creating a sound e-commerce platform are key tasks for many businesses. Our IP litigators take on domain name squatters and formulate sound programs to strive to prevent the theft of online information. From the development of website terms and conditions to compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ll give you advice that is geared toward your specific objectives.

Contact Our Dedicated Tri-State Intellectual Property Attorneys for A Consultation

CoffyLaw, LLC handles a full range of intellectual property matters, including patent, copyright, and trademark actions. With offices in Maplewood and Freehold, New Jersey, and in Brooklyn, New York, our attorneys serve clients throughout Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and across the nation. Please call or contact us online to make an appointment.