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What Does a Copyright Protect?

Copyright protection, a form of intellectual property law, keeps your original works of authorship (fixed in a tangible medium of expression) protected. Stated differently, copyright protection extends to the exclusive rights of exploitation of original literary and artistic works expressed in the form of words (text, computer software), music, images, symbols, three-dimensional objects or combination thereof., pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial, graphic and sculptural works, motion pictures and other audiovisual works, sound recordings and architectural works. Copyright protection applies only to the expression, not the underlying ideas, facts, systems, or methods of operation, although these forms of intellectual property are protected under a different area of the law. Different regimes treat copyright differently. For example, IP (Intellectual Property) regimes conferring economic rights are referred to as copyright systems whereas IP regimes that incorporate both copyright and moral rights are referred to as authors’ rights. The copyright system prevails in the United States and other common law countries whereas authors’ rights systems prevail in France and other civil law countries.

Other rights that fall under the rubric of copyright and/or authors’ right are neighboring rights and sui generis rights. In the U.S. sui generis protection covers the topography of semiconductor chips. That is, the law provides sui generis protection only for mask works, a stencil of the materials present on or removed from the layers of a semiconductor chip, which is used to etch the circuitry onto the chip.

What Can Our Team Do For You?

Our team helps you with your original works of authorship by protecting your literary and artistic works. The first process to obtain copyright is to ascertain if your work is protectable by copyright. We understand that this first process and subsequent processes may be elusive to you, and fortunately, one of our key attributes is to continually collaborate with our clients. We will be there throughout the process to help you obtain your copyright. We have a big lawyer acumen, and value direct communication, rather than giving you complex documentation that will only leave you confused. Among our key attributes is staying strongly biased towards simplicity, which is the reason we make copyright obtainment processes as simple as possible – including converting of work to digital format, filling of online copyright application, and adding of notice to copyrighted work.

Register Your Copyright with Confidence

Our copyright services help you register your copyright with the help of experienced attorneys at CoffyLaw, LLC. Your copyright attorney will walk you through the process and file the copyright application on your behalf, track the progress, provide you with updates throughout the registration process, and provide recommendations on the best way to protect your brand, idea, and intellectual property. Our team members work assiduously while focusing on client goals. One of the benefits of having your work protected by copyright is that you determine exactly how the work can be adapted, used and who can benefit from it. We exist to hear you out, analyze your goals, and work on how your goals can be attained. While collaborating with you and focusing on your goals, we ensure that we do not compromise our honesty and integrity – we realistically weigh risks and communicate them to you objectively.

CoffyLaw, LLC has more than 80 years of combined experience in trademark infringement. Our legal team includes ex-patent examiners, patent attorneys, inventors, business attorneys, and technical advisors in mechanical-electrical engineering, and computer technology. Whether preparing patent or trademark applications, reviewing trademark applications, negotiating corporate agreements, providing guidance, and direction for compliance with IP law, litigating in court, or reaching a settlement, CoffyLaw, LLC performs the full complement of trademark corporate services. Our final key attribute is our commitment to flexibility and rapidity. We are committed to serving you in the most flexible and timely manner at an affordable cost.

Drawing on years of experience in national and regional trademark law firms, representing a diverse client portfolio, including Fortune 500, mid-size companies, and entrepreneurs, CoffyLaw, LLC is positioned to strategically stay on top of the laws that affect our clients. CoffyLaw, LLC protects and defends your creations and inventions, preventing others from misappropriating what you have accomplished and giving you unreserved control over your work.