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Patent Law

By obtaining a patent, an inventor is granted  exclusive commercial rights over their innovative creation such as the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States of America or importing the invention into the United States of America. If you invented something new, you may be wondering: How do I patent my idea? It can be a challenging and confusing process. Before you begin filling out the patent registration form, it is recommended that you seek guidance from a qualified attorney.

At COFFYLAW, LLC, our patent lawyers have more than 80 years of combined experience handling the full range of patent law issues — from preparing and reviewing patent applications to defending patent infringement and handling litigation. We are here to help you protect and defend your rights. To get immediate patent help in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut or Philadelphia, please contact our legal team today.

Patent Law Services We Offer in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Philadelphia.

We offer a full range of patent law services to a diverse range of clients. Whether you are considering filing a provisional application, filing a design patent application, filing utility patent application, you need a freedom-to-operate analysis, you are in the process of negotiating a commercial agreement, or you are defending against infringement, our law firm can help. Some notable examples of patent law issues we handle include:

  • Patent Applications: We have deep experience with all aspects of the patent application process. If you are ready to file an application for patent registration, our team is ready to assist you. By adhering to a carefully crafted, multi-step application and filing process, our patent lawyers get our clients results.
  • Patent Defense: Patent infringement is a common problem. Our law firm helps clients defend their rights by taking proactive measures that allow them to explore all potential legal remedies. If you believe that your IP rights were violated, you should contact an experienced patent infringement attorney right away.
  • Patent Litigation: Should patent litigation prove to be necessary, you will want a strong legal advocate on your side. We have extensive experience filing patent infringement lawsuits and defending our clients against legal claims. With any type of patent litigation, immediate action is a must.
  • Internet & E-Commerce Issues: Our patent lawyers are well-versed in online and e-commerce patent issues. If you need guidance with an internet related patent law matter, please do not hesitate to turn to our law firm for support.
  • Patent and Antitrust Issues: Patent laws provide incentives for innovation and commercialization by establishing enforceable property rights for the creators of new and useful products and more efficient processes. Absent these laws, infringers could more rapidly exploit the efforts of innovators and investors without providing compensation. Certain types of conduct with respect to patent may have anti-competitive effects against which the antitrust laws can and do protect.

Why Choose the Patent Lawyers at COFFYLAW.

If you are looking for a patent lawyer in NY, NJ, CT tri-State area and Philadelphia, COFFYLAW is here to help. We are a small law firm that provides clients the same sophisticated legal representation that the big law firms offer to top corporations. Our patent lawyers are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our lawyers have a deep technical understanding of the United States patent system and intellectual property law in general. At the same time, we are also client-focused. We pride ourselves on strong communication skills and ensuring that clients — both corporations and individuals — are always comfortable with the process.

Contact Our Patent Law Attorneys Today.

At COFFYLAW, LLC, our patent lawyers are standing by, ready to help you protect your rights. To sign up for a fully confidential appointment with an experienced patent law attorney, please contact our law firm today. With law offices in Maplewood and Freehold New Jersey  and an office in Brooklyn, we handle patent law issues in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.





Patent & Internet & E-Commerce

Protecting your patent and supporting your online business

  • Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution
  • Social Networking
  • B2B portal websites
  • Website usage Terms and Conditions
  • Web content licenses
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance
  • Content licensing agreements
  • Privacy issues
  • Sponsorship and event agreements
  • Patent and domain name clearance

Issued Patents

  • Design Patent: D627,954
  • Simple Mechanical Patent: 8,585,092
  • Medium Complexity Wireless Patent: 9,621,340


We perform a wide range of patent IP-related corporate services, including reviewing IP portfolios for potential investors.

  • Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution
  • Patent Proceedings (re-exam, interference, inter-partes review)
  • Patent Analysis, Opinions, Assertions
  • Patent Clearance, Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • Patent and Trade Dress Development
  • Patent Strategies and Trademark Programs
  • Patent and Trade Dress Counseling, Registration, Licensing and Litigation
  • Patent False Advertising/Unfair Competition Litigation

Filed Patent Applications

  • Simple Mechanical Patent Application: 15/227,205 (US Pub. No. 20170036586 A1)
  • Simple Pharmaceutical Application: 15/228,119 (US Pub. No. 20170049675 A1)
  • Medium Complexity Network/Software Application: 14/819,791 (US Pub. No. 20160042307 A1)