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Whether you’re protecting your right to benefit from something you’ve created or are looking to provide your loved ones the best chance at a successful future, skilled legal counsel gives you an advantage. At CoffyLaw, LLC, our boutique firm’s technical acumen rivals that of a large firm while delivering responsive, personalized service in a small-office setting.


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Since the establishment of CoffyLaw, LLC, the firm has dedicated much of its practice to meeting our business clients’ needs.
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Iverson L.

When we acquired our company, we obtained a client distribution list as part of the deal. We kept the same delivery driver. After a few months, we realized the driver was conspiring with a competitor to distribute our product. We contacted Emmanuel Coffy who informed us that a “client distribution list” may be proprietary information deserving of protection. Mr. Coffy diligently took the proper course of action to protect our client distribution list……..Iverson L.

David F.

Emmanuel Coffy drafted my patent application which was quickly issued. Some five years later when an office action was issued against another application, I searched for and found Emmanuel to draft the response for me. I was confident he would do the best job and he did……David F.

Paul M.

When we applied for a trademark, a competitor instituted an opposition proceeding against us. We chose CoffyLaw to represent us, because the firm was the most knowledgeable and cost effective among the other firms we consulted……Paul M.

Michaela W.

I had an idea I needed to protect. Not knowing where to turn, I was drawn to an organization that was featured through TV advertising. I bought into the false promise. After a substantial deposit and retainer totaling more than $10,000 and a long waiting period, I was totally dissatisfied with the results. I was later introduced to Emmanuel Coffy. He expeditiously obtained my design patent for a fraction of the cost. I’m now the proud inventor of a design patent…..Michaela W.

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From consumer goods to software, CoffyLaw, LLC has both the knowledge and experience necessary to help clients secure and use IP assets to their advantage. In hundreds of proceedings spanning across the globe, we protect clients in mediation, negotiation, trial and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.
Emmanuel Coffy
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Fritzner L. Altidor, Esq. CPA
Of Counsel

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