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Patent Filings Roundup: Supercell Locked in Dispute with Gree, Vudu Fends off Uniloc, BASF PGRs Ingevity Patents

COFFYLAW, LLC > Blog  > Patent Filings Roundup: Supercell Locked in Dispute with Gree, Vudu Fends off Uniloc, BASF PGRs Ingevity Patents

Patent Filings Roundup: Supercell Locked in Dispute with Gree, Vudu Fends off Uniloc, BASF PGRs Ingevity Patents

Every week, Unified Patents compiles all Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and district court filings, lists them, and releases them daily to subscribers. Each Wednesday, IP Watchdog will post the list, with a handful of interesting cases highlighted with context. To see the docket, filings, and learn more about the case, click on the links provided below. Litigation financing or patent aggregator parent data is provided where known and confirmable. The results appear in chronological order, below.

Given that filings were light this week (perhaps the Coronavirus or the cancellation of the PTAB Bar Association’s annual meeting are to blame), here are the highlights:

Supercell OY, the company behind the wildly popular “Clash of Clans” mobile game, has true to its name been locked in an epic patent dispute with Japanese game maker Gree Inc., in which it appears Supercell OY is seeking to invalidate an entire portfolio of patents that Gree has asserted (this time in their fifth amended complaint before Judge Gilstrap in ED Tex.). This week, it has filed another four post-grant reviews (PGRs) on recently-issued Gree patents.

VuduWalmart’s streaming service—is the latest to try and stave off the litigious Uniloc’s [i.e., Fortress IP’s] ‘609 patent, which has been asserted in 10 staggered complaints over the past three years against plenty of defendants. While (now) four PTAB petitions have been filed by various defendants, here Vudu simply sought to join an earlier-instituted petition and earn a seat at the table.

In somewhat International Trade Commission (ITC)-related PGRs, BASF Corporation has challenged two recently minted Ingevity South Carolina, LLC patents. BASF and Ingevity have been locked in an ITC dispute (along with other auto parts companies) since November of 2018 on fuel vapor canister systems—the original complaint relying only on a single reissue patent, which was IPRed separately by BASF and respondent Mahle Filter Systems North America Incorporated after the ITC complaint, but of which both were denied. The newly challenged patents don’t appear to be part of any litigation as of yet.

PTAB (14)

Case NumberActionOwnerPetitionerPatent
PGR2020-00037FiledIngevity South Carolina, LLCBASF Corporation10323553
IPR2020-00683FiledStoller Enterprises, Inc.Fine Agrochemicals Ltd.10104883
PGR2020-00035FiledIngevity South Carolina, LLCBASF Corporation10323553
PGR2020-00041FiledGree, Inc.Supercell OY10307677
PGR2020-00038FiledGree, Inc.Supercell OY10307675
IPR2020-00646FiledDivx, LLC [Fortress]Netflix, Inc.Hulu, LLC8472792
IPR2020-00655FiledSeoul Viosys Co., Ltd.Satco Products, Inc.9627435
PGR2020-00042FiledGree, Inc.Supercell OY10307678
IPR2020-00676FiledBell Northern Research, LLCSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.7319889
IPR2020-00677FiledUniloc 2017 LLC [Fortress]Vudu, Inc8407609
PGR2020-00039FiledGree, Inc.Supercell OY10307676
IPR2020-00675FiledBell Northern Research, LLCSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.8204554
IPR2020-00682FiledNeodron Ltd. [Magentar]Lenovo (United States) Inc.Motorola Mobility LLCDell Technologies Inc.HP Inc.8502547
IPR2019-01514InstitutedPolaris Innovations, Ltd.Polaris Innovations LimitedAdvance Micro Devices, IncAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
District Court (63 new complaints)
Case NumberActionPlaintiffDefendantPatent
2:20-cv-02021FiledVenKee Communications, LLC [IPValuation Partners, LLC]Belkin7916684
8:20-cv-00424FiledLedComm LLC [IPValuation Partners, LLC]TP-Link USA Corp.TP-Link Technologies Co.680360670122777301176
2:20-cv-00063FiledVista Peak Ventures, LLC [Dominion Harbor]Fujifilm Holdings Corp.Fujifilm
2:20-cv-00065FiledVista Peak Ventures, LLC [Dominion Harbor]Fujifilm Holdings Corp.Fujifilm6657699700967360783756549259
2:20-cv-00066FiledVista Peak Ventures, LLC [Dominion Harbor]Fujifilm Holdings Corp.Fujifilm6812528648693175930707006065
3:20-cv-00532FiledLexington Luminance, LLCElong International USA, Inc.6936851
1:20-cv-01568FiledVARTA Microbattery GmbHAudio Partnership PLC dba Cambridge AudioAudio Partnership, LLC dba Cambridge Audio9153835949658197999139799858
1:20-cv-00318FiledVanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.MSN Laboratories Private, Ltd.MSN PHARMACEUTICALS, Inc.10449176
1:20-cv-10433FiledJeffrey S EdgredgeJT IP Holding, LLCFloPack, LLCKimberly PerryThomas Florence10364563
2:20-cv-02131FiledSata GMBH & Co. KGCentral Purchasing, LLC, dba Harbor Freight Tools (fka Central Purchasing, Inc.)D552213
1:20-cv-00352FiledInland Diamond Products Co.Cherry Optical Inc86363609405130
2:20-cv-02227FiledAD-N-ART, Inc.Maui StoreMaui`s ShopGloriana GranadosD812992
4:20-cv-00188FiledSamsung GroupVulpecula, LLC
5:20-cv-00421FiledLedComm LLC [IPValuation Partners, LLC]Fantasia Trading LLC dba AnkerDirectAnker Innovations Limited680360670122777301176
2:20-cv-00070FiledThe Hillman Group, Inc.KeyMe, LLC10577830
3:20-cv-00285FiledArthrodesis Technology LLCZimmer Biomet6579293
1:20-cv-00325FiledTakeda Pharmaceutical Co.Ascend Laboratories LLCAlkem Laboratories Limited
1:20-cv-00332FiledBioverativBioverativ Therapeutics IncBioverativ US LLCCSL Behring Legnau AGCSL Behring GmbHCSL Behring LLC105489541056171410568943
2:20-cv-00073Filedmetacluster lt, UABcode200, UABTeso LT, UABLuminati Networks Ltd.EMK Capital, LLP
4:20-cv-00176FiledRAH Color Technologies, LLCMicrosoft69958707312897772900894048029516288
4:20-cv-00191FiledVulpecula, LLC [Oso IP, LLC]LG Corp.10496800
4:20-cv-00192FiledGrus Tech, LLC [Oso IP, LLC]LG Corp.1035355210496249
8:20-cv-00425FiledTargus International LLCIncipio Technologies, Inc.Incase Designs Corp.Incipio LLC87464498783458917061110139861
1:20-cv-00314FiledF2VS Technologies, LLCDatto, Inc.737998188550198700749
1:20-cv-00315FiledF2VS Technologies, LLCUbiquiti, Inc.737998188550198700749
1:20-cv-00330FiledDigital Verification Systems, LLC [Leigh Rothschild]dotloop, Inc.9054860
1:20-cv-10440FiledDigital Verification Systems, LLC [Leigh Rothschild]airSlate, Inc.9054860
6:20-cv-00171FiledAmerican GNC Corp.STMicroelectronicsSTMicroelectronics S.R.L.OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.6311555650812266716486697758
4:20-cv-00180FiledHTC Corp.INNOVATION SCIENCES, LLC10104425
1:20-cv-01620FiledNational Products Corp.Dzine Products, LLC6585212
6:20-cv-00173FiledInvicta Networks, Inc.Forcepoint LLC7010698
6:20-cv-00176FiledArcimoto, Inc.Ayro, Inc.8985255
1:20-cv-01866FiledSpin MasterWorld Tech Toys9216363
1:20-cv-20970FiledPayRange Inc.TECHTREX, INC.KIOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES, LLC96592969134994
1:20-cv-00956FiledLedComm LLCSengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.SengLED USA, Inc.680360670122777301176
2:20-cv-00071FiledVARTA Microbattery GmbHPeag, LLC dba JLab Audio9153835949658197999139799858
1:20-mc-00243FiledUniloc 2017, LLC [Fortress]GOOGLE, LLC
4:20-cv-00185FiledIntelligent Agency, LLC7-Eleven, Inc.928661094390359894476
4:20-cv-00189FiledVulpecula, LLC [Oso IP, LLC]Samsung Group10496800
4:20-cv-00190FiledGrus Tech, LLC [Oso IP, LLC]Samsung Group1035355210496249
1:20-cv-00340FiledBarrier1 Systems, Inc.RSA PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC8215865
2:20-cv-00064FiledVista Peak Ventures, LLC [Dominion Harbor]Fujifilm Holdings Corp.Fujifilm59299476579749667409370884017499119
4:20-cv-00341FiledF2VS Technologies, LLCEmerson Electric Co.737998188550198700749
1:20-cv-01877FiledZen Design Group LimitedInnovative Designs LLC6860616
2:20-cv-00072FiledNavBlazer, LLC [Raymond Anthony Joao]Hyundai Motor America, Inc.98857829075136
1:20-cv-00333FiledVytacera Bio, LLCCytomX Therapeutics, Inc.88095049775913
1:20-cv-00334FiledDisplay Technologies, LLC [Leigh Rothschild]Soundstream, Inc.9300723
5:20-mc-00004FiledTyler MillerMiller Mendel, Inc.City of Oklahoma City
2:20-cv-02233FiledAD-N-ART, Inc.Amazon.com, Inc.D812992
2:20-cv-00074FiledPROVEN NETWORKS, LLCCisco Systems, Inc.8018852816502475087577450507
2:20-cv-02509FiledEncore Dermatology, Inc.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.9956231
1:20-cv-00197FiledSTC.UNMQuest Diagnostics IncorporatedQUEST DIAGNOSTICS CLINICAL LABORATORIES, INC.
1:20-cv-01242FiledShaf International, Inc.First Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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